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What Is Alprazolam  1 mg?

Alprazolam is a medication which is used to treat patients who suffer from anxiety disorders and experience panic attacks and is more commonly referred to by the popular brand name Xanax. It belongs to the benzodiazepine medication group which is generally used to treat and correct any type of abnormal activity in the brain. The most common cause of anxiety is an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Xanax is an FDA approved drug used to control feelings of anxiety by working on the central nervous system to slow down its action and thus control the emotions.

What I Should Know About My Medical Condition Before Using Alprazolam.

Before you start using alprazolam or any other medication, it is important that you know about yourself and so it is important to have a sound knowledge of your medical condition. It is important  to consult your medical practitioner before you consume Xanax pills to treat anxiety and panic attacks.
Consult your doctor if you have any of the following medical problems before using alprazolam:

  • If you are allergic or highly sensitive to alprazolam or any other type of benzodiazepine.
  • If you are undergoing any form of treatment which involves the use of itraconazole or ketocanozole as an ingredient, your medical practitioner will probably recommend that you avoid taking alprazolam
  • Are a glaucoma patient
  • Are breastfeeding
  • Are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant in the near future

It is not advisable to start using Xanax without the professional recommendation of your doctor. Your doctor will inform you if this medication is suitable for you or not in your current condition and will also prescribe the appropriate dosage that is suitable for your needs.

How Should I Use Alprazolam?

You should take special care to use Xanax according to the prescribed dosage recommended by your doctor. Any kind of deviance from the recommended dosage is not advisable for the patient. The correct dosage is ascertained after a careful evaluation of the medical history of the patient. There is no set dose for Xanax and the ideal dosage and frequency it is taken varies from one patient to the other. When taken according to the prescribed dosage, Xanax proves to be a highly effective treatment for anxiety and panic attacks. It is important to note that Xanax tablets should not be taken with alcohol as the adverse effects of alcohol are maximized with the use of Xanax. Another very important point to note is that you should avoid consuming grapefruit and its juice, as this can amplify the side effects of Xanax. 

What Are The Side Effects Of This Medication?

Xanax also has its fair share of side effects like any other medication. Some of the most common and mild side effects include:

  • Chest pains
  • Agitation
  • Blurred visions
  • Upset stomach
  • Memory problems
  • Dizziness
  • Uncontrollable muscle movements
  • Drowsiness
  • Depression

Changes in appetite are another mild side effect of Xanax which can all be easily tolerated with continued use of the medication in accordance with the prescribed dosage recommended by a doctor.