A Guide to the Best Strong Sleeping Pills

The best possible treatment for insomnia is strong sleeping pills – it has already been tried and tested. There are many alternative therapies you could try, but the eventual solution is strong sleeping pills – possibly the strongest one you can find.
imagesBut which one can be deemed most suitable for your problem? Maybe detailed guide will help you decide.

Let’s say there is a hierarchy when it comes to how the drugs are classified.

1. First in line are the hypnotic sedatives, or Z-drugs, which include Ambien and Intermezzo. These work best to aid sleep when you have a persistent problem of waking up in the middle of the night and experience great difficulty in falling asleep again. The generic version of Zolpidem is a strong sleeping pill – it can send the toughest of insomniacs to sleep. If you are not looking for a pill that strong and only need a little nudge, then the FDA has recently given the green light for Zolpimist, which is an oral spray that aids short-term sleeping disorders.

2. Next in line is Eszopiclone. This drug fits the classification of strong sleeping pills, which professionals do not recommend taking doses of higher than 1mg.

3. Ramelteon, is a drug that works rather unusually, but still gets the job done. It’s generally recommended for people who experience difficulty falling asleep, but once they are asleep the problem is half solved.

4. How can we forget Benzodiazepines when talking about strong sleeping pills? This old school class of drugs includes some of the most popular drugs on the market: Alprazolam, Triazolam, and Temazepam. These drugs don’t leave your system very quickly – at least stay in there longer than most sleeping pills. As well as treating insomnia, these drugs are also used to treat night terrors and sleepwalking.